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Getting frustrated sending your resume/CV to various job advertisements but not getting that all important first phone call?.

Did you know research shows the average recruiter spends only 6 seconds looking at your resume. I repeat 6 SECONDS only on average, to determine your fit or suitability for the role they are resourcing. That means that by now they have already considered one resume at least and well onto their second resume if not their third since you started reading this first paragraph. Scary!

Personally we believe the average time spent reviewing a resume is closer to 30 seconds, but still this is not much time to convey your suitability for the role in question. Bear in mind this first review, be it 6 or 30 seconds, is generally to decide who is unlikely to be successful. Once a shorter list of applicants has been identified a more considered review is undertaken which will hopefully in your case lead to a phone call and ideally interview request. Making it to this point is critical. A well written resume with the right layout and formatting will increase your chances dramatically. Think Pareto (80/20 Rule) – you want to be in the 20% still under consideration after the first scan/read of your resume.

Are you a suitable candidate with the right experience and background but not getting invited to interview stage?

If your experience and suitability are a good fit for a role, but your resume is not making the right First Impression, perhaps it is time to have it re-formatted by an experienced recruiter. After all, we read resumes all day long so know first-hand what works and what does not. Did you know the average job advertised attracts well over 100 applications / resume submissions? Does your resume stand out and get the reader’s attention in the right way?

Contact the team at Vivaswann to get your resume looking its best.

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The Basic Resume Service is aimed at presenting your information in a professional, accurate and visually appealing resume format. This service is designed to create your best first impression based on the information provided in your current format resume.

Yes, you can do it yourself. But for the small investment of roughly the cost of 1 less cup of coffee for a month – why take the chance. For every week, fortnight or even month/s you are not being considered for roles you are applying for, this lost income dwarfs the cost of this service by some magnitude.

Can you afford NOT to create your best First Impression?

Contact the team at Vivaswann to get your resume looking its best:

Call us at 0821 - 4194419 or email at

We do also offer a more extensive resume service if required – contact us to find out more if interested.

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