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We acts as an Internal HR Manager rather than considered as Consultant whom you can trust for all your recruitment related needs. We are an Executive Search firms or in normal terms Placement Consultants & our best recruitment services are available in Mysore Bangalore. We offers the following manpower agency services…

Executive Search is the consultative process of recruiting individuals to fill Senior Executive positions in organization. It is observed & most fruitful to go for Executive Search by an outside Executive Search Organization who is having expertise of recruiting the Senior Executives.
We have successfully filled up couple of Senior Profiles given to us by our client on very strict deadlines and we have resulted the same within timeline.
Head Hunting refers to the approach of finding and attracting the best experienced person with the required skill set. Headhunting is also a recruitment process involves convincing the person to join the organization. We considers ourselves as headhunt expert as most of the time we used to get very niche vacancy from our client and we have delivered the same while putting extra efforts to fill up those vacancies as required.
Our portfolio services includes Bulk Recruitment and this requirement need lot of efforts as it has to be completed within particular time frame with.effective resources. For us bulk recruitment is the process of finding the multiple skilled person at very large scale & we put the extra efforts to filled up the position without compromising on quality recruitment. There’s always an different arms & resource techniques to execute such kind of assignment & we have done it in past with good numbers as well.
We also offer the Advertisement Search on behalf of our client by targeting the right medium so that HR Time and Efforts can be counted.
We offer the Campus Recruitment on behalf of our client by targeting & suggesting the right College / Institutions for hiring Fresher / Trainee.

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